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Terms & Conditions

Please read through the Terms and Conditions thoroughly to make sure you are happy with everything. This will need to be signed before we start work. Knox & Hound are fully insured and DBS checked.



• Knox & Hound will send an invoice following the service. Payment is to be made preferably by bank transfer to the bank details on the invoice, alternatively cash can be left on the day for collection.

• Pet Sitting will require a deposit of 50% of the total amount 12 weeks prior to your booking. This deposit is non-refundable.


Catchment Area

• Clients whose pick-up & drop off location is outside of this catchment area of Hartley Wintney and Hook will incur a travel premium of 45p per mile.


Keys & Security

• Knox & Hound label keys with your pet(s) name. Keys are kept at your walker’s house. If you prefer to use a secure key box at your home, we will keep the code details with your pet(s) name attached.

• Alarm or gate codes will also be kept securely with your pet's name attached.

• Keys needed for the day will be kept securely attached to our person at all times.


Cancellations & Holidays

• If you need to cancel a walk or visit, please let us know as soon as you are able to. We understand things can change at the last minute, but regular last-minute cancellations will be charged.

• We will advise you as far in advance as possible of any holiday dates or dates we are unable to work.

First aid & welfare

• We have completed a pet First Aid Course and have a Pet First Aid Kit with us at all times. Following any First Aid treatment you must take your pet to the vet for a check-up.

• We keep an accident book to record any incidents that have taken place. Any First Aid treatment given to your pet will be logged and you'll be given a copy of the details and asked to sign it.

• Health issues, including allergies, must be declared on the booking form, along with emergency/vet contact details.

• In case of an emergency we would attend the nearest vet if this means getting your pet seen by a vet more quickly. Any emergency treatment and any treatment following will be paid for by the owners.


Walking & Running

• In line with current law, all dogs must be microchipped and wear a collar and tag with contact details and postcode. In addition, all dogs will wear a Knox & Hound tag while being walked with our contact details on.

• Dogs must be up to date with required vaccines, flea and worm treatment.

• We will let dogs off lead only when the owner has agreed, and we have built up a relationship with your dog and recall commands have been discussed.

• If we see any behavior while your dog is in our care that we feel is potentially dangerous to another dog or human we will share this with you and depending on the outcome we may not be able to continue working with the dog.

• In extreme weather conditions we may decide your dog should not be walked outside or have a shorter walk. Any decision will be made based purely on the welfare of your dog. If you do not want your dog to go out, we can do a home visit instead.

• Please leave out a towel for your dog for drying off or cleaning muddy paws!

Privacy policy

• Data held on you and your pet will be the details that you provide on the booking form. This data is required by Knox & Hound in order to carry out their work.

• No unnecessary data will be kept and no data will ever be shared with any other party or used in a way that it wasn't intended for.

• You can ask to see the information that Knox & Hound hold on you and your pet at any time and can request all or part of your information to be deleted/securely destroyed.

• Your data will be kept for 4 years after your last booking before it is deleted and securely destroyed.



• We love sending you pictures and updates of your pets while we are looking after them. This can be done via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. These pictures may also be used on our website and social media pages. If you would rather we didn’t post pictures of your pet please let us know.


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